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LDS Baptism InvitationBaptism Boy subway

Beautiful custom photo baptism invitations. Invitations are traditional 5x7 inch size.

Your invitation can be customized as you wish and some come with a great poem about choosing to be Baptized, you can read the poem here

 The High Quality Digital image is around 4320 x 3045 you can make as many copies as you want. You will own the rights to do what you wish with the image. About Image Resolution

Cost is only $15.00 for a Digital Image


Written on 18/07/2014, 18:35 by You Print Graphics
baptism-invitation-bi2016  Baptism Invitation - BI2016 High Quality Digital image (4320 x 3045) of your personalized...
Written on 18/07/2014, 18:29 by You Print Graphics
baptism-invitation-bi2014Baptism Invitation - BI2014 High Quality Digital image (4320 x 3045) of your personalized invitation,...
Written on 09/07/2014, 01:00 by You Print Graphics
baptism-invitation-subway-art-look-with-pictureBaptism Invitation - Subway Art Look with picture High Quality Digital image (4320 x 3045) of your...